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Plastic Technologies Friendly to Human and the Environment

The modern world cannot keep pace without the benefit of plastics. Using plastics, however, obliges us to face resource and waste problems, as well as many other environmental issues.

Established in 2007, Plasteco Corporation has been developing plastic products, production technologies, and equipment that are eco-friendly across the entire production chain. Using this approach we have created ‘World’s First Technologies,’ such as our Supercritical Inert Gas Foam System and the filling system for our Ultra Light PET Bottle.

Plasteco will continue to develop innovative technologies for eco-friendly plastic products. We are working to support a more affluent standard of living, while developing plastic technologies that are friendly to human and the environment.

Ryutaro Hayashi (CEO)

代表取締役社長  林  龍太郎

Company Profile

Plasteco Corporation is located in Ikeda city that has a plenty of natural environment.

Ikeda is a historical and culutural middle size city that has an easy access to both Osaka and Kobe.

Japanese Company name 株式会社プラステコ
English Company name PLASTECO Corporation
Headquater Zip Code:563-0025
1-8-23 Jonan, Ikeda, Osaka 563-0025 Japan

Established in September 3rd, 2007
Representative Ryutaro Hayashi
Business Lines Technical consultation and sales of supercritical inert gas foam molding and other surrounding equipment Development of general foam extruded products

On the bigger map PLASTECO Corporation Headquater

  • 10 minutes on foot from Ikeda station of Hankyu line




TEL : +81-80-2517-2566

e-mail :

Chinese Website


TEL : +81-72-754-1055

e-mail :

English Website


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